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I know I know….

I must report that a lot has happened in the past year.. creation of a new guild success in the new guild and ultimately it’s down fall due to a bunch of  losers… sad really…. Any ways I have put my gaming of MMORPGs down for now.. I need to re-evaluate my life and priorities… I appreciate my readers and those who have stumbled accross this blog…

I have created a new blog centered on more REAL LIFE activies as I try on my new life change for size…… I encourge you to check it out!


Thanks for the awesome times!!!




Don’t stop until you get enough!

So yesterday I was level 11, As of writing this I am now level 15. Let me tell you about the adventure! I would have more pics but again! The screen shots I am not taking are not saving to folder even though it says saving screen shot Hrmmmm!

Most of my adventures last night were in Khegor’s End. This dungeon is another under ground dungeon built into the side of a mountain. Primarily under the control of rogue Dwarves and their bugbear slaves they are causing a lot of havoc on the out lying Dwarven settlements. With a bunch of assignments I was off I went looking for a group of worthy adventures like my self to bring this place down. Luckily I was able to hook up with fellow travelers from my previous adventure in Riftseeker’s Torrent. Us three, me a 12 Druid, a 12 Psiconist, and a 14 bard. We added a 13 Disciple which is like a healer/melee fighter and he was one tough little dude, also a 17 paladin to tank and finally a 13 Necromancer. Are you counting ? YES! thats 6 people which is the group standard in VG.

vg9.jpg Here we are killing multiple mobs at once.

I wish I could show you more screens but they disappeared. With that being said. I have to say that the the group experience I am having in vanguard is A+! by far the difficulty of these areas are much tougher than anything I have played in comparison with other games recently. As well as the quality of player is much futher up there than say *cough PUG in WOW Cough*

With it all said and done and the majority of our quests complete a lot of us had gained 2-3 levels. I ended the night at level 15 with maybe 3 deaths the whole night, and one of those being a complete wipe and corpse run. Playing this game brings back a lot of those long lost EQ memories. We all agreed that we would definitely subscribe to this game once our free time is over.

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And Then he was 11!

Jordio has been busy the last day getting his levels up. I am now at level 11! So far I am really having alot of fun in vanguard! The Poor Brownies of Tursh have been through a lot here recently. Being blamed for looting the Rindol Store house (which was their Red Cap cousins!). Rumors that their race is disappearing/dying out. They have had it hard.

Jordio was Tasked to find out why the population was slowly starting to dwindle from the surrounding Halfling and Human village of Tursh. Off to the Brownie villages to the north! When I arrived there I found out! Their Village was over ran with a evil sect. of Magical caster’s looking to enslave them! When I returned to my Superior a Covert operation was hatched. I was to infiltrate their detention area and cause a uprising!


I am small but carry a big stick! As a brownie in disguise I was able to get captured and sent to their prison where I roused the repressed brownies into action and over threw the jailer for a grand escape!


Lets hope the brownies will stay out of trouble for now on! In other news I did Ding 10 and thanks to all the loot I pulled out of Rindol Store house as well as a very kind Guild member named Ginon I was able to purchase a horse. I find it awesome that at level 10 you can have a pretty fast mount (40% over run speed) , and believe me it is well needed as you may or may not know the world of Telon is HUGE!!!!! I took a screen shot but for some reason it did not end up in my SS list. So you will have to wait.

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Vanguard Adventures

As of this post I am level 8 now. Jordio has gotten to the bottom of what is going on in Rindol and the halfling’s food supply. Seems the nasty little Redcap Brownies have invaded the store house and has began stealing the food for their own kind. Obviously this will not due. The people of Rindol have called upon the heroes of Telon to take back the Storehouse. Arm’d with a bunch of group quests and no group I decided I would solo it. As a druid I have done quite well soloing things and this did not change at all. I was able to solo my way through the quests and complete each one. I also came out with a bag full of loot that I am gonna sell on the broker as soon as I find one! 🙂

Screen shot of being lowered in to the bowels of the Store house.


I am really enjoying my time in Vanguard. It has taken me completely by surprise. I hooked up with Jaye’s guild Revelry and Honor, and the people there are very nice and helpful.

vg4.jpg vg5.jpg

I must say the Screen shots do not do this game much just as i have scaled them down, but even in game I run on medium settings and get about 25-40 FPS with a few freezes here and there and the game still looks beautiful.


In other news my Guild Covenant on the Khaz Modan server is continuing our weekly farming sessions of Karazhan gearing up for SSC and taking the whooping to Gruul he so richly deserves. We will find out tomorrow night if Gruul will be taking his Dirt nap at the hand of Covenant.

Halloween TIME!!!!

It’s Halloween time! Next to Christmas, I have to say that Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I hope you like my newly decorated blog.

With that being said I want to apologize for the lack of any type of real update. I went from almost 3 posts a day to 1 post a week to not posting in a few weeks. So what has Rob been up to?

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The Urge

So I have been keeping an eye out on Vanguard from a distance. When the game first came out, like others I picked it up played the first month and was like “meh…” I was busy raiding in WoW and I even had my EQII account going. When the first month was over I did not re-subscribe.

I tried out a few characters, had a Warrior, a monk, and a cleric. I liked the first 10 or so levels but with the other games I just couldn’t get into it. As a lot of you know SOE took over Sigil games, and they have taken the broken release of Vanguard and are adding their now in my opinion awesome (thanks to what they have done to EQII) polish to it.

I have been hearing a lot about Vanguard recently with Game Update# 2 coming out, listening to it being hyped on the latest SOE Podcast, and semi scanning through the VG boards, makes me want to renew my subscription.

What am I to do?

Oh… I am also really looking forward to trying out this Legends of Norrath trading card game, which is available to those who play EQII, EQLive, or play it stand alone.

●Some Features include:

●In Game rewards

●Single player or against others

●Original art work.

It will be my first trading card game. I hope I get added to the beta, so I can check it out.