Who is this guy?

My name is Rob, I was born and raised in Fort Worth Texas. I love online games and various other things that help balance out my Real life and my Digital Life, though we are only here to talk about the digital persona.

This is me, I am the one on the right, though I am sure you have not noticed that I am in fact on the right. The lovely woman who supports me in my MMO habit is my Fiancee.


I enjoy playing all sorts of games on and off line, but my interests peaks in MMORPGs. I have met some awesome people playing these games and look forward to those that are on the horizon.

I have pretty much logged into all sorts of “MMOs” some known some not so known but currently I am only playing Everquest 2

Character Roll Call

Everquest 2

Runcorn Dark Elf Berserker – Butcher Block Server. (Main)

Wrist Blood Arasai Inquisitor – Antonius Bayle Server (Alt)

World Of Warcraft

Ishana level 70 Night Elf Rogue – Khaz Modan (Retired)


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