More WoW stuff, and guild frustration!

I recently mentioned that my guild is slowly beginning the transition from casual guild to more of a raiding guild. This is a rough transition to say the least. My self, and a few others know what it is like being in a raid guild and all that comes with it, including Raid times, your raid etiquette(showing up on time, repaired, and so on), DKP, and actually not giving up on a boss after two tries because you do not want to front the repair bill I can go on. The problem is there are a lot of people who are not accustomed to things that have to transition to be successful in this type of environment. It can be frustrating but this guild and I have a long history, and I want to see it succeed.

On that note my guild has had some successes in the raiding scene. We have taken down Gruul the Dragon Killer, and I lead a 10 man into Zul’Aman and killed another boss in there for the first time.

wow10.jpg wow11.jpg

I have not forgotten about Vanguard, I have had to consolidate my games as of late and I look forward to picking it back up soon.


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