My Fiancee has got Zoom zoom!… and other WoW related stuff!

So after almost two months of farming and grinding out gold for her epic flying mount she finally got the 5,000 gold she needed. Her, being a druid has the ability to shape shift into a Raven that will fly as fast as the mounts. With out getting in to to many specifics she opted to go a head and do the long quest chain to get it. The last part requires a group of 5 to enter a dungeon on heroic mode (just basically a harder version of that dungeon) and kill a certain boss in there. Once dead she reports back to to the last quest giver in the chain and she is now flying at 280% over normal run speed. Here is a picture sequence of what went down.

xann1.jpg xann2.jpg xann3.jpg xann4.jpg

The summoning………..The Fight……………..The Death………………The Result!!!!!GRATS TO MY BABY!

Also my guild took down the first boss in Zul’Aman which is the newest 10 man raid zone they have added to the game. We have done it once before but this was the first time I was present for the fight.





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