Don’t stop until you get enough!

So yesterday I was level 11, As of writing this I am now level 15. Let me tell you about the adventure! I would have more pics but again! The screen shots I am not taking are not saving to folder even though it says saving screen shot Hrmmmm!

Most of my adventures last night were in Khegor’s End. This dungeon is another under ground dungeon built into the side of a mountain. Primarily under the control of rogue Dwarves and their bugbear slaves they are causing a lot of havoc on the out lying Dwarven settlements. With a bunch of assignments I was off I went looking for a group of worthy adventures like my self to bring this place down. Luckily I was able to hook up with fellow travelers from my previous adventure in Riftseeker’s Torrent. Us three, me a 12 Druid, a 12 Psiconist, and a 14 bard. We added a 13 Disciple which is like a healer/melee fighter and he was one tough little dude, also a 17 paladin to tank and finally a 13 Necromancer. Are you counting ? YES! thats 6 people which is the group standard in VG.

vg9.jpg Here we are killing multiple mobs at once.

I wish I could show you more screens but they disappeared. With that being said. I have to say that the the group experience I am having in vanguard is A+! by far the difficulty of these areas are much tougher than anything I have played in comparison with other games recently. As well as the quality of player is much futher up there than say *cough PUG in WOW Cough*

With it all said and done and the majority of our quests complete a lot of us had gained 2-3 levels. I ended the night at level 15 with maybe 3 deaths the whole night, and one of those being a complete wipe and corpse run. Playing this game brings back a lot of those long lost EQ memories. We all agreed that we would definitely subscribe to this game once our free time is over.

In other news

My Warcraft guild is starting to step up to 25 man raids and the transition is going to be harder on those who have not been in this position before. Personally I have been raiding in wow since early 2005 from MC – Naxx, so this is not new to me. But I am looking forward to seeing some more TBC raid dungeons. Stay tuned!


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