And Then he was 11!

Jordio has been busy the last day getting his levels up. I am now at level 11! So far I am really having alot of fun in vanguard! The Poor Brownies of Tursh have been through a lot here recently. Being blamed for looting the Rindol Store house (which was their Red Cap cousins!). Rumors that their race is disappearing/dying out. They have had it hard.

Jordio was Tasked to find out why the population was slowly starting to dwindle from the surrounding Halfling and Human village of Tursh. Off to the Brownie villages to the north! When I arrived there I found out! Their Village was over ran with a evil sect. of Magical caster’s looking to enslave them! When I returned to my Superior a Covert operation was hatched. I was to infiltrate their detention area and cause a uprising!


I am small but carry a big stick! As a brownie in disguise I was able to get captured and sent to their prison where I roused the repressed brownies into action and over threw the jailer for a grand escape!


Lets hope the brownies will stay out of trouble for now on! In other news I did Ding 10 and thanks to all the loot I pulled out of Rindol Store house as well as a very kind Guild member named Ginon I was able to purchase a horse. I find it awesome that at level 10 you can have a pretty fast mount (40% over run speed) , and believe me it is well needed as you may or may not know the world of Telon is HUGE!!!!! I took a screen shot but for some reason it did not end up in my SS list. So you will have to wait.

Also ..
I ended up in my first dungeon group as well. It was your non traditional group of two Bards, 11 &13 and Psiconist 11 and me 11 druid I did a lot of dmg but mostly provided the Heals with my minor healing spells I get.

The Dungeon was Rift seeker’s Torrent. I have a large bounty of quests that I still have not completed . The dungeon design was excellent, and well balanced. There were a lot of hard mobs as well as a few named ones up my group was able to grab as no one else was in this dungeon.


To enter the dungeon you need a password, but no where to get it. Then occasionally a non aggro conned mob would come by say the password and enter this temporal rift!. Copying the Password allowed us to enter and fun was had for several hours. I dinged 11, I still have a few quests to do and will do them before I out grow the place for sure. If all dungeons are this well designed I am excited to see whats coming!


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