Wow guys what can I say…. I have seriously been slacking and the blog has faded. My apologies for that.

What have I been up to you ask ? Well EQ2 got put down after my friends started to migrate back to WoW. I do enjoy EQ2 but no fun when you can’t play with your real life friends. As well as my fiancée does not have the computer power to run EQ2 so it was back to wow where I picked up my level 70 raiding rogue again. I am back casually raiding for the time. I recently went to a sword build from a life time dagger fiend I am enjoying it!

In other news I am going to start something new for the time being. See how this fits me. Due to SOE giving you a “Holiday Pass” to Vanguard: Saga of heroes I am gonna try it out and document my journeys(Note: put in bold to help you remember).

BEHOLD!!!! Jordio Emptybelly the level 5 Halfling Druid- He on the smaller size of the Halfling race, but don’t let the size full you. He can tear up some baddies and has a appetite the size of a Half Ogre to boot!


So far I have been really liking what SOE has done to the game. I picked up Diplomacy and think it is a neat twist to a MMORPG, as well as a good way to flesh out the story and lore of the Telon World.

Through Diplomacy I have learned a lot of interesting things going on in my little Halfling village. Here Jordio is trying to calm down a Angry Dwarf who isn’t happy with the fact that the Halflings are not shipping their agreed amount of food to the Dwarf out post.


I was able to calm him down and send him on his way! Thats pretty much it for now. Stay tuned I will be adding more Adventures of Raiding in WoW and adventuring in Vanguard!


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