Taking Down the Red Army

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I have been busy plus apparently, I have a upper respiratory infection, which makes life annoying. Over the weekend I bought the Collector’s edition of Word in conflict. This is Real time Tactical game which takes you back to 1989 during the cold war. Instead of the soviet union falling they invade Europe and eventually invade America. The concept behind this is very intriguing. Not even a teenager back when the Cold War ended, only much later in life could I comprehend/respect all that happened. So it was definitely cool to experience this “What if.”

The game play in this game is a lot of FUN it you play as the silent antagonist named Parker, and only control a small part of what is happening similar to Call of Duty etc, as opposed to the entire battle field. This aspect combined with no resource gather is why this game is incorrectly classified as a real time strategy and should be classified as a Real time tactical game. As I previously said this game is a lot of fun and I am enjoying runnign though the single player campaign at the moment. I understand online skirmishes can be very tactical base and brutal. I am looking forward to getting my fingers a little dirt. I have only taken a few screen shots as I am so busy making sure I make my objectives and keeping my troops alive, but here is a pic of me raining Death from a hill top on a well entrenched Russian position.

I have not played much EQ2 recently or kept up with the goings on in the online gaming world. But I will jump back into it and see if I can get my feet a little soggy once again.

Heroes was awesome last night and I think I might like that show that came on afterwards called Journey Man, we will see in another episode or two.


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