Random Stuff.

Let’s see. In my Random Stuff bag I am pulling out a picture of my gaming set up. Nothing spectacular obviously, I have a budget to maintain.


Old Wood desk, ugly BUT comfy green chair, Lego Star wars toys, Front and side spears for the 7.1 surround set up, a corona straw hat, light up lounge sign, and obviously I am a LogiTech fan. That about sums that pic up.

The Free Ride Ends tomorrow which is when my Everquest2 subscription finally renews. I have to give it to SOEs marketing department. Back in July I got a flyer in my postal mail box saying they have re-established my subscription to EQ2 until sept. 15th as well as enabled all the adventure packs and expansions on my account. I already had all three expansions due to the EOF box but the adventure packs was a nice touch. I believe it was for having a canceled subscription to EQ2 and Vanguard.

Any rate it was a nice gesture and they got me back in to EQ2 . I am having a blast!!!! Gotta keep that pesky Vanguard at bay for right now though.

Not allowed to play my Fury. Since yesterday when I try to log in my Fury who is camped in North FreePort it tries to log in, and goes back to the character select screen. All other characters on same server or diffrent server have no issues. I have deleted all my Frprt files in the PAK folder and done a full file scan, same results.

Other than that I hope I can get the Fury situation fix because I have not had a chance to mess with the new things int he patch.


3 responses to “Random Stuff.

  1. You too eh? I got the subscription card as well. Decided to jump back in after a couple of months break. Started a ranger on August 3 and now have him at 56. šŸ™‚ I even paid for station access a couple of weeks back even though it negated the remainder of my free time. Just wanted to get back into Vanguard and eqlive as well.

    Oh on the fury thing, you might try deleting the Uai file in the root eq2 directory. Back it up first just in case u want your settings back. The file should begin with your character name followed by the server.

  2. Uai should be UI. Stupid iPhone thinks its smarter than me when typing sometimes.

  3. Thanks Arminas, I will check it out.

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