Crossing the Threshhold………. Again?

A lot of Massive multiplayer online games don’t condone trading real world cash for in game items. There are a few who do, one of these are SOE’s Everquest 2 with their Exchange service.  

However has SOE taken it to a new level with their new Trading card game?  

 If you have not been reading about Legends of Norrath, it is SOE’s online only trading card game.  It is based on the world of Norrath playable with in EQ, EQ2 or in its own client.  You get a free random card starter deck and you also have the possibility to loot cards/decks off of MOBs you kill in either EQ or EQ2.  You can also buy 55 card themed starter decks for 9.99 or 15 card booster packs for 2.99.

 Make no mistake, these are digital only. Meaning these cards you buy, you will not be physically holding them.  

A real life friend I talk to about this brought this to my attention. Will you spend the money on booster packs or themed starter decks if you can’t hold them?

Let’s look at another aspect of this. Part of card games is collecting valuable cards. Who doesn’t get excited when they open their booster pack of Magic: The Gathering or some other card game and get their hands on a rare card that could it’s self potentially sell for a lot more than buying 10 booster packs at once?

If you happen to get your hands on a highly sought after card in Legends of Norrath, and want to sell it, what deems how much it is worth? Since it is digital, and can be traded like items in game, will it be worth more in plat or real cash? I am not going to wrap my brain around the possible figures that also factor in the cash to plat/gold ratio. But one thing is for certain, valuable cards will come and there will be a market in game and out of the game for them. Will these digital cards be on the same level as a valuable card from a non-digital card game, or will they be less for the simple fact you can not hold this card in your hand?

I look forward to see how this plays out. Share your thoughts.


One response to “Crossing the Threshhold………. Again?

  1. Virtual World is becoming our higher value level in next few generations. Our grandchildren will considering a binary world equals the real money. More and more opts to paper-less billings, statements, etc.

    There is a Catch 22, regards to LoN, if SOE decide to end this game, how will the digital card will be able to access to and able to continue trading with collectors? Will SOE chuckles at those collectors who no longer access to their collections? We will see what’s happens in few years.

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