Shut up We’re Talking # 8

Thanks to The Ancient Gaming Noob, he turned me on to the SUWT Pod Cast series hosted by Darren and Adele,  though I understand that Adele was a little under the weather so it was Co-Hosted by TAGN.

Guest Hosts were Dennis over at PotShots, Jason over at WifeAggro and a blogger new to me Karen at Journey’s With Jaye(Though I might stay away from her blog, her great screen shots and write ups might get me back in to Vanguard!)

You can check it out here.

The Midgame
Agency and MT
Know what you know
Killing PvE
The NDA and Me 

One of the topics talked about was the Agency and the Micro Transactions.  They briefly mentioned my article with my point of view.  I am glad I listened to it, because a lot of good points were brought up concerning this. They accurately portrayed both sides of the fence and have definitely made a fan out of me. I look forward to further Pod Casts!


One response to “Shut up We’re Talking # 8

  1. …glad you enjoyed it. Keep posting up those great articles.

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