Random Stuff…..

I had a pretty good weekend, I made it back from the guys road trip, and I am in one piece. Austin is looking good and I am looking forward to seeing it again.

I did not mention, but I got my Berserker out to Butcher Block on Friday.
However I have not been able to play much since I got him there.


Runcorn is currently camped at the Dock in Butcher Block.

As my life aspirations have changed some what, things having to do with such changes have come more to the fore front in my life. One small aspect of that is a movie I have seen before, but only recently put it in my top favorites.

Grandma’s Boy


Oh, how I wish life could be easy as sitting around, playing video games and making a true comfortable living off of it. Props to those who do it, I hope to one day be in that position. I look at this movie as a nod at the things I am into and have made it one of my own personal cult favorites. Obviously there is nothing one may find “profound” in this movie. However, it relates to things I am in to, so I put it in the Niche category of my DVD Collection.

Over the busy weekend I was able to steal a few short hours playing BioShock on my PC last night before bed. I got to tell you this game is very well done and I really enjoyed what I got to play. I look forward to playing more of it, now I just have to balance that in with the other games I have little time for lately. Sometimes feeling overwhelmed about certain things is a good thing. 🙂


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