The Discussion

So I was having a discussion with my friend. It started out with him complaining that the servers are down and he can not log in to play EQ. I shrugged it off as I am sitting here at work working hard (cough cough). Thinking that MMORPGs go down sometime it is a fact of life. I told him not to worry about it and just wait. He continued to complain about it and then he said, “This down time is making WoW look better and better.”

This bothered me, not because I hate WoW which I don’t. Until recently I played the game since early 2004 in beta and then from release until April of this year. I quit because I was tired of constant raiding and needed something with a little more substance. He like wise has 3 level 70 characters and a BUNCH of alts that range form 40-60 as well as quit for the same reason over all.

It annoyed me because he was meaning Blizzard is a better company, following the previous statement with “At least Blizzard knows how to keep stuff up” and “after doing this for almost 10 years SOE should know how to keep their stuff up.”

Both SOE and Blizzard have their strengths and weaknesses. I think that SOE has a better idea on how to build a better MMORPG, and with the last expansion, the tons of improvements they have made to EQ2. I feel they are right on track with the game, for me this is where “it’s at” so to speak. Blizzard on the other hand can make a better RTS and did make a damn fine MMORPG, just in the top end of things I find it lacking.

Until recently Blizzard has had down time every Tuesday, and would be down for hours and hours that would some times span a few days of inconsistent connectivity after a major patch. In my experiences with SOE they have not gone down very much, but when they have gone down it has been an annoyance and at very odd times.

Not knowing the details behind SOE’s game, I do wonder why can’t they master the updates with out down times like Blizzard has. As I a sure there are probably a 100 different reasons why this is that I have no idea about(perhaps I could be enlightened) but maybe my friend is right after almost 10 years they should be able to hot patch a game with out issue.

Do you think he is right?

Personally I do not and can understand there is a multitude of reasons as to why this downtime has happened that are unknown to me. I am also sure from time to time this is going to happen with Blizzard.

The conversation ended with him saying “I’m sorry if I have a higher standard that I hold SOE too. After 10 years of running MMOs there are certain things they should have down by now.” Technically after 10 years SOE has mastered a lot of things. They have made a MMORPG that has more substance and goes light years beyond what WoW ever was.

I let him have it and called it annoying that he is bitching about something he does not know the details about. He disconnected from AIM, and I have not spoken to him for the rest of the day which makes me sad.

But I do ask why do you suppose SOE has not been able to hot patch or keep the servers up during Maintenance, and has Blizzard truly mastered that feat?

Let me know your thoughts.


2 responses to “The Discussion

  1. I’ve been playing EQ2 for almost 2 years now, pretty regularly. I only toyed with WoW, so I don’t know enough to make a comparison. But, I do know that SOE does do hotfixes, you’ll see those in the update notes on the launcher. As far as downtime goes, for me it doesn’t usually happen when I play, as it happens in the wee hours of the morning when I’m sleeping, usually after my normal play time (around 7 a.m.). So it’s not that big a deal, and most people I know don’t complain about it. I think SOE has done some great things with their game, and I don’t have any room to complain.

  2. Hear hear !

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