Armor quest done.. Now What

Quick update before bed.  Just finished up the armor quest, and it was a pretty cool quest series.  Here is a pic of my buddy Sporanox and I who also just completed the quest.


I am level 25 now and I am trying to decide if I should stay in Nektulos Forrest, or head over to Butcher Block. What do you think?


2 responses to “Armor quest done.. Now What

  1. I would say BB 100%. I leveled my brig there and completed all of the quests by lvl 34. There are a plethora of quests in expansion zones, not so many in the old world. Don’t forget though, to run through old world zones for possible named, and disco for AA. I wrote a guide on getting max AA, and though I wrote it for newbies starting in neriak, you’ll find it useful nonetheless.

  2. Thanks Gdub I will check the Guide out.

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