The Urge

So I have been keeping an eye out on Vanguard from a distance. When the game first came out, like others I picked it up played the first month and was like “meh…” I was busy raiding in WoW and I even had my EQII account going. When the first month was over I did not re-subscribe.

I tried out a few characters, had a Warrior, a monk, and a cleric. I liked the first 10 or so levels but with the other games I just couldn’t get into it. As a lot of you know SOE took over Sigil games, and they have taken the broken release of Vanguard and are adding their now in my opinion awesome (thanks to what they have done to EQII) polish to it.

I have been hearing a lot about Vanguard recently with Game Update# 2 coming out, listening to it being hyped on the latest SOE Podcast, and semi scanning through the VG boards, makes me want to renew my subscription.

What am I to do?

Oh… I am also really looking forward to trying out this Legends of Norrath trading card game, which is available to those who play EQII, EQLive, or play it stand alone.

●Some Features include:

●In Game rewards

●Single player or against others

●Original art work.

It will be my first trading card game. I hope I get added to the beta, so I can check it out.


4 responses to “The Urge

  1. LON doesn’t look to be as fun as Magic was, but it seems interesting. I’ve only toyed around with the beta (which i was randomly selected for), but so far I’m intrigued. Only problem is I can’t seem to pull myself away EQ2 to play a seperate game.

  2. Never was a card person, so i think I can get into this one and feel less dorky 😛

    Vanguard has some appeal to me.. But maybe I am just a masochist

  3. I actually didn’t get Vanguard when it came out, as I was busy in TBC leveling up and raiding. However, when I finally got burnt out on WoW again, I picked up VG and played about three months solid. My main was a cleric which I got up to 41 or so playing pretty casually. I enjoyed parts of the game, but other parts seemed broken and not fun. It definitely is a much more “grindy” game and in that sense a bit of a throwback to old EQ days.

    I haven’t played since early June, and haven’t been especially tempted to go back. Although several people are giving it a second look, so I may log in and see what’s happening.

  4. Well I enjoy reading about you going back to it and your impressions.

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