I feel Guilty….

So are you excited about the release of Rise of Kunark? I know I am… Hell it can’t get here any faster, I can’t wait to try out a new Sarnak or explore Kunark and relive the setting for what was the best darn Expansion for any MMORPG ever made.

All year this is the only release I have been looking forward to, but in all my waiting I have never really put much thought into the hours that people who work on these games getting it all together, adding their polish, and packaging it so our greedy little fingers can have it come launch day. Sure I knew the developers, designers, producers, and so on, work hard Monday – Friday 8 hours a day to put their designs into pixels for us to enjoy on a daily basis, but never thought about the over time, the deadlines, and the pressure these people go through on a what I am sure is a daily basis until release.

Well… Until this Article I came across surfing the SOE boards. It gives a brief look into a work day of these developers and what they are going through to meet their dead lines. SOE calls it Crunch time. These guys are working late hours probably 6 to 7 days a week working their butts off.

So this is why I feel guilty, these guys work extra hard under a lot of pressure to ensure we have our fun. I wanted to take a moment to thank them for their hard work and as a SOE customer I appreciate your hard work and dedication, and I hope those who decide your fate give each and every one of you a pat on your back.

Thank You Guys keep up the great work !!!!


2 responses to “I feel Guilty….

  1. I agree that they do have a lot of pressure at work, but dont forget that they chose their profession, and they also probably make a hell of a lot more money than you or I.

  2. Oh no.. I agree, I am sure they knew what they were getting into when they signed the dotted line. I am also sure that they work these hours, and do it to ensure their hard work pays off in the end.

    And yes I am sure they make more than you or I 🙂

    Thanks for the replies Gdub!

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