Weekend Adventures in Everquest II

I spent the most of my Saturday evening questing for my Feral Strength Armor and I got to tell you once I am done with it, I am gonna slap Dyric Pire for this quest line. Here are a few screen shots from my adventures.

After questing for the gloves and finally getting them I started questing for the forearms and boots. The armor maker had me flying all over The Common Lands.


Meeting exciting new creatures

And Killing them….

As well as spending almost 2 hours running around the sewers below Free Port I was able to complete the pauldrons quest.

I look a little festive for Christmas now as well. next on the list is my Plate legs. Stay tuned!

Oh… I finally hooked my 7.1 surround sound up to my computer again, and playing EQ2 with it on is just awesome.


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