Just 3 hours away……Sigh

Austin Texas is a short drive down I35 from Fort Worth. If I was to jump in my car right now, I could be down there in time to have a nice bite to eat for lunch. In Fact next weekend I will be down there for a Night of partying off of 6th street for a friend’s Bachelor party.

But I must admit the reason I REALLY want to head down there is for the Austin Game Developers Conference , which is being held September 5th – 7th. Unfortunately I do not have the time or the dough at the moment to head down there and experience it.

One thing I was looking forward to the most was the Game Career Seminar. I have been getting tired of my current IT position, and lately I feel I have kinda reached a pinnacle in my career field. I have had this nagging urge to change my life, to change not only what I do for a living but to do something for a living I am passionate about, and love. Well, as life goes maybe one day I might break into the industry. I hope those that go to the GDC have a good time!


4 responses to “Just 3 hours away……Sigh

  1. I don’t live too far from you – over in Longview, TX. About 2.5- 3 hours east on I-20. I have grandparents in Ft. Worth so I know parts of it pretty well.

    I too would love to go down for AGDC, but my limiting factor is vacation days at this point. I think the conference is pretty much over by Friday night. If it went Sat. and Sun. I might seriously drive down for it just to meet Brent, Cuppy, Michael and others from the Blogosphere. Ah well, maybe someday.

  2. Hello Fellow Texan, been through Longview a few times on my way up to Gilmer Tx to do some 4 wheeling. It’s been a few years though, I think the place was called Barnwell Mountain Resort.

  3. Awww =( Do they sell just one day passes for the Game Career Seminar? It would be a GREAT place for you to make connections and possibly get yourself in the industry.

    Too bad you can’t make it down =(

  4. Yeah it is a shame. It’s really a timing issue. The sad thing is I will be down in Austin this weekend for a friends bachelor party. Always have next year =)

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