Moving on up to the East side.. or was it west?…. North?

My Berserker known as Runcorn has finally moved out of the illuminating confused setting that is Darklight Woods, and into the bright and shiny plains of the Commonlands.


The above is Runcorn taking time to pose in his new setting. Though I still can not get him to smile.

Though definitely more sunny and bright than Runcorn’s starting area that does not mean there is no danger as I found out.

I had to lay the smack down on some unruly skeletons. Apparently they prefer the Sun Shine as well.

Since starting this game I have only really played in Greater Faydark, and The Darklight woods. Venturing out into the Commonlands and realizing how MASSIVE they are is a little over whelming. I need a horse.

I spent the rest of my evening just kinda wondering around picking up a few quests. Before I logged I landed in the Capital city of Free Port. This city is MASSIVE as well. I understand there is a Armor Quest that starts there. Now I just need to find it. Stay tuned.


5 responses to “Moving on up to the East side.. or was it west?…. North?


    This site is my bestest friend πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you! What server are you on? I found out you can set character moods, gonna see if I can make my Dark Elf smile! Though Gonna have to wait until tomorrow.. The Fiancee and I just moved and we are unpacking

  3. *grins* Hope it helps.

    My girls are mostly on Guk server, but I do have a baby on Antonia Bayle. You will almost certainly find me on my favourite healer girl – you can always talk cross server by sending me a /tell guk.Kilanna if you ever care to chatter in game.

    I talk to a couple of other bloggers, but because I am Australian my play times dont always co-incide with you folk in the US.

    Happy gaming πŸ™‚

  4. I was gonna suggest /mood happy to get your toon to smile πŸ˜›

  5. I tried the ?mood Happy, and he goes to looking like a retard, I will have to get a screen shot.

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