Post 01

Welcome to the ground Zero that is my blog. This is where it all starts for me, the current question on my mind is can I pull this off? Time will certainly tell. So here it is, welcome to Feign Logik(yes I know it’s misspelled) I hope you stay awhile.

Being a big Fan of Online gaming for over 10 years now, I have found my niche in the MMORPG market. Having seriously played a few and dabbled in many I always enjoy a good discussion on the market, industry, and game mechanics, though I do not spout I actually know game mechanics, I do know what I like and that is good enough for me.

I have to give my first shout out to Cuppycake. Being a avid reader of her “Cuppy Talk” she is my inspiration to start my own little blog here.

Having just recently retired my 70 Rogue in WoW, I have set my sights on Everquest 2. I have played around a little with it in the past and have a few characters on Antonius Bayle, but currently I have settled on Butcher Block with some real life Friends. Look me up as Runcorn Dark Elf Berserker! /Roar


2 responses to “Post 01

  1. Grats on the shiny new blog and look forward to hearing lots more of your thoughts!!

  2. Hi Kilanna thank you for the kind words. I will definitely try my best to keep it up!

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