Lessons that can be learned.

Very good thread going on in the Fires of Heaven message board at the moment. Basically a poster believes that Tigole who is part of the development process in World of Warcraft needs to take a few lessons from previous games like Ever Quest 1.

Some of his points included;

a large percentage of the membership of guilds who are not on the very cutting edge essentially quitting until the next expansion, once a new one is released, since they figure it’s not worth all the time and effort to learn a bunch of encounters that they have literally no reason to progress through in order to raid in the next expansion.– . In WoW, the carrots are essentially on the path of becoming spoiled every 1-2 years as raiders are beginning to see through the curtain and realize that there’s no point, at all, in working their balls off to finish expansions.

I totally agree with this 100%, I for one never got to experience much of Naxxramas and all the greatness that I heard it is due to Burning Crusade coming out. My Guild moved from just killing C’Thun right into BC content and we never looked back. When Wrath of the Lich King comes out, I wonder if my previous guild will drop what they are doing and move to that content.

Another good Point;

With server transfers with anonymous name changes, there is no sense of community anymore. Guilds and players wholesale switch servers routinely in a dance of mercenary-shilling, which is great for Blizzard at 25 bucks a pop, but totally fucks the sense of accomplishment on a server level. Plus, as each expansion/burnout cycle works, it leaves many servers as ghost towns as guilds die or move away. This is made much worse by Blizzard clinging to what’s pretty much the only shred of pseudo-RP scruples left in WoW: preventing cross faction grouping. EQ allowed people to group with whoever they wanted, and at least for several years, there were no dead servers because of it. WoW is spreading players out far between PvP, PvE raiding, and a ton of 5 mans, and there just simply aren’t big enough populations on each faction on each server to promote healthy communities.

I played on Khaz Modan and being a Rogue(as they are a dime a dozen) it sucked never being able to get a good group or at least group with a lot of people. Blizzards way of allowing Server transfers and anon name changes really can set you up for getting a bad egg in your guild or group. I have seen it happen 1000 times where a player ninja looted items off a raid mob and was never seen or heard from again.

What really killed my desire to log in and play World of Warcraft was the feeling of I have been there and done that. To me the Level 60-70 grind was no different than the level 1- 60 grind. You really did essentially start over at level 60 when you entered the gate in to the Burning Crusade expansion.

I hope we do not see a lot of the same things when expansion 2 comes out for WoW. I hope they learned their lesson. Over the community I hear more and more WoW players say that TBC was more of a extension not a expansion.

I for one agree.


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