Into the Darklight… Wait what?

Alright! I have made it to my second post things are looking up(look down for the first post though).

So like many other MMO fans out there I am currently stuck in a rut, waiting for the next big thing to come out. I my self am tired of raiding in wow, and tired of doing the same thing all over again in Lord of the Rings online, so I decided to give good ol Everquest 2 another try. I have not really given EQ2 a real serious go since Echoes of Faydwer came out, and as many know the game is loads better than before. I did pick it up briefly when the update came out showing off the new Arasai race and the Capital City of the Dark Elves which is Neriak, but I never really played into it as I was to busy raiding in wow and everything else that goes along with raiding in WoW.

But now I am back and after convincing my good MMO gaming buddy Terry to give it a whirl we landed our selves on butcher block with other past online gaming friends.

This is Runcorn (named after the Death Eater in HP7) my Dark Elf Berserker who always frowns. Come on Runcorn give us a smile!


He is big level 18 at the moment and doing various quests for people. Finally I am sent to take a look around the ominous “Tower of Bone.”


When Runcorn finally did all the sub quests around this tower, he was finally asked to go inside. Thinking to my self “Why can’t this other dumb lady obviously much higher level than me go in and get the item she wants her self,” Runcorn was shown a shiny new shield that would be his for the trouble. I decided what the hell, go for it.

So far I have only been treated to a dirt nap for my trouble. I will have to try again when it is not 1 in the morning.



4 responses to “Into the Darklight… Wait what?

  1. Runcorn in HP7 was himself named after a grim little town in Lancashire, England. Check out:

  2. Hey Spyte, Thanks for the info. I read that link, the town has some interesting history.

  3. Well hello fellow butcherblock resident! Of all the mmo blogs I’ve read, none share my server, and you are the first. Welcome to the blogosphere, and my server in EQ2. Happy hunting!

  4. Heya,

    That’s awesome, I am glad to meet you! I am on from time to time so send me a Whisper and I will add you to my friends list.

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